Please pray for Pastor Larry Masoner as he goes through some tough medical treatments.
Sunday Activities
9:15 – Free Breakfast for Everyone
9:45 – Sunday School For All Ages
10:50 – Worship / Kids Church
4:00 – Choir Practice
5:00 – Grade School & High School Youth
5:15 – Small Group Bible Study
Last Sunday of the Month at Noon
Freewill Offering Lunch for Everyone

We had another great year of Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme, Hero Central: Discover Your Strength in God, focused on teaching children how we are God’s heroes by having strength, courage, wisdom, hope, and power.

         This year, we had the highest number of children we’ve had in years, averaging 105 students and 45 helpers each night. Throughout the week, the children and adults enjoyed learning and teaching God’s word through class time, music, crafts, recreation, skits, experiments, and snacks.

We collected more than $400 for the food pantry, as well as numerous canned food items. As an incentive, adults were dunked on the dunk tank for the children reaching their goal. It was a great week, and many children’s lives were changed. Thank you to all who helped bring these children closer to God! Below and on the following pages are highlights from the week of fun.


According To Larry
July is upon us. It is the month of Independence for the United States of America. Independence and freedoms and liberties and peace are all excellent qualities in a nation. Too often, however, some of the citizenry use those assets for unfair and malicious reasons. To be sure, the freedom of speech is a grand idea; however, that freedom can be pushed past the boundaries of goodness and righteousness and appropriate sensibilities. While the letter of the law allows for those possibilities, the spirit of the law is that our freedoms are to be used for the good of all people and not for shock value or personal gain or oppression.

So, there it is….my personal take on constitutional liberty, such as it is. Of course, I may be wrong; but I don’t think so. On a more scriptural note, Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (II Corinthians 3:17). The liberty that God gives us is freedom NOT to sin. That is to say, we have free will to make decisions for our lives, but those decisions are driven for the sake of goodness for those who follow the Lord Jesus. To be sure, we can still choose to sin, but we are called to resist temptations and such; however, even Jesus allows that though the spirit is willing, sometimes the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). We should not use that as a reason to sin, however.

The spirit of humans can make us callous and malicious and uncaring, and even indifferent, often to the detriment of and damage to others, and to society in general, if we use our constitutional liberties in those ways. The Good News is, by the goodness of God, we can enter into repentance (Romans 2:4), and do the will of God in loving our neighbors and in using our freedoms for good. In that sense we are not “bound” to sin and we can make life more excellent for our neighbors and, by extension, ourselves.

All this writing about “sin” gives me pause to consider what “sin” is. “Sin” is difficult to define. I consider that sin is doing what is wrong and not doing what is right. Sometimes we can sin by doing nothing. Other times we can sin by doing evil. Sin is sort of like what someone once said about art: “I don’t know what it is, but I know what I like.” Very often we can identify acts of sin (or non-acts of sin), but defining it is another matter. Suffice it to say for the sake of this column, that we should, as children of God, try to do what is right and to please God (I Thessalonians 4:1).

For Jesus and His Church, Larry